Volunteer at Ponycon

Become one of Ponycon's Poniest:

Ponycon is run entirely by volunteers who believe in the concept of a convention based on the principles of Friendship is Magic. We want this to be apparent to our guests, attendees, staff and media as we strive to reflect the best qualities and message of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

We are a family – we support each other and we make awesome things happen together. Friendliness to our attendees and Customer Service is very important. We are not just volunteers. We are building something that will make a difference in many people’s lives.

If you love what you do, can remain cool under pressure, and want to be part of a supportive and fun family – this is the place for you.

Become a part of our team!

Crew members are here to enjoy the convention but would like to be part of our team. Crew members work half days at the convention in exchange for free admission for that day or work at least 18 hours during the convention in exchange for a three day pass.

What are crew benefits?

T-Shirt: All Crew get a free crew T-Shirt – this T-Shirt is only for the people that make the convention happen and will stand out from any plain convention t-shirts.

Admission to Ponycon: If you are working the con, you have a much better chance of getting closer to our Guests and the inner workings.

Lunch and dinner: Get a filling meal during the days you work at Ponycon

References and Network: All crew have the option of a receiving a reference for their resume for a job well done. Network yourself to a group of powerful professional con staffers working in various industries. You have the opportunity to show off your skills to them.

Available Positions:

Positions are open in many of the departments so tell us what you are good at and interested in by filling out our crew application below. All team members will be selected from our applications so get started now!

The Pony Oats Crew arranges and sets up the meals all weekend to keep our staff and crew going strong like horses. Crew have access to the room and will be welcome for breakfast, lunch, dinner and refueling as needed so this is super important. We would love to have people with a passion for food (chefs, culinary specialists, nutritionists) to take care of our teams healthy feeding. If this is your special power, please let us know.

We are in need of badge checkers in our security team and a few fill in people to cover the expanded space the growing convention is using.