Press Application

  This page contains some key information for journalists wishing to attend Ponycon 2017.

Accredited media may be granted a limited quantity of Press Passes to report on the events happening at Ponycon 2017.

No media will be admitted without applying on this page and being issued a pass in advance.

Pre-event interviews can be arranged by contacting our Media Relations Coordinator at

Please review the requirements below and then fill out the form below. All required fields must be completed in order for your press registration to be processed. You will be contacted if we are able to grant your access.

Please note: Application does not guarantee a Press Pass will be issued. No permits for videography within the auditorium will be granted within the convention aside from that provided by our media partners, CrumlicMedia. No interview requests, recorded or written with Ponycon Guests will be granted. Ponycon Management and Security reserves the right to refuse or revoke a press pass at their discretion.


Who can apply for a complimentary press pass?

Reporters, editors and freelance journalists may apply for a complimentary press pass. They will need to provide proof of the organization they represent.

Please note: Marketing/advertising, sales, art directors, managers, publishers, and other non-editorial professionals of media organizations are NOT eligible for Ponycon 2017 press passes and should proceed to the Registration page.

Are bloggers able to obtain a press pass?

Bloggers are subject to the same press registration process as all other media, and registration will be judged individually and based upon the credibility of the blog itself. Bloggers must have covered fandom relevant topics for a minimum of three months with a consistent posting rate (at least 1 post a week). If you do not receive a press pass, you will still be able to finalize your registration with an online payment.

What accreditation documents should I provide?

In order to consider your application we ask you to submit proof of an affiliation with a nationally or regionally recognized media outlet and/or proof you hold an editorial job title and/or evidence of your journalistic credentials (for example a copy of your press card, masthead or a bylined article).


Print, Broadcast or Newswire Journalists

Please provide at least one:

  • An industry-related article from your publication written by you and published within the last six months.
  • A letter from a producer/editor stating that you are on assignment to cover Ponycon 2017.

Freelance writers

We expect that freelance writers who apply for a press pass are attending on behalf of at least one publication. Freelance writers from unqualified media outlets (as determined by Ponycon ) are not eligible for press credentials. Additionally, freelancers who do not provide the required documentation as outlined below WILL NOT be approved by press pass.

Please provide at least one:

  • A letter from an editor or producer stating that you are covering Ponycon 2017 on assignment; please scan and email to and
  • A bylined industry-related article from the publication you are representing published within the last six months. Copy must clearly show the name of the publication and your byline.

Online reporters

  • Online news sites must be established and updated regularly with original and current news. Press passes for individuals who write MLP Fandom-related personal or corporate blogs will be considered by the Ponycon 2017 Management, and approval will be given on a case-by-case basis.
  • A link to your online publication with your name and title appearing in an editorial capacity, such as a bylined, industry-related article from your publication written by you and published within the last six months.


Analysts must hold a title from either a recognized research firm, or educational or financial institution. Ponycon reserves the right to approve no more than one analyst per institution for a press pass.

  • A recent paper, brief, report or bulletin with your byline, published within the last six months.