Help Ponycon Continue!

Ponycon 2017, our fifth annual convention, has been the best one so far.

Ponycon has always worked on the fan-first model. The convention is put on for fans, by fans and our goal is to break even, not make a profit. Our organizers and volunteers spend thousands of their own dollars and work countless hours to give you the best experience possible. As our community becomes smaller and more closely knit, the economic realities of putting on such an event also change.

Let’s be frank: we lost money this year. And for the future, we will need to adapt to survive.

We are committed to continuing to host extraordinary events for the Brony community and beyond in the Greater NYC area, the best and, unfortunately, also one of the most expensive metropolitan areas in the world to book a venue in.

What will these events look like? We are reaching out to our family - the Brony Family - to help find these new paths forward, and, yes, to help us pay for them. Let’s build a path to Ponycon 2018 together.

If you love Ponycon and want to bring us all together again next year, please consider making a donation. In return, we promise to work our hardest to create the most memorable fan experiences in the NYC area.

Every dollar counts! If you can only spare $5, your donation and well wishes will still go a long way.

We understand how tough times are. Some of you simply can’t donate. But you can still help! Every time you post this fundraising link to Facebook or Twitter, we get donations. So please, share this post right now. It can be just as valuable as giving yourself!

We love all of you. Please help us carry the flag of this community forward, together.

~ The Ponycon Team